Fries that have come a long way.

Qualifresh: Convenient great-tasting fries!

The only manufacturer in America to offer pre-cooked fresh fries AND frozen fries.

Us, you, your clients, let’s do fries together!



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Let’s do fries together

At Saint-Arneault, we focus on the Quebec potato! With its wide variety of delicious pre-cooked fresh fries and frozen fries, Saint-Arneault has consistently earned the loyalty of clients in the restaurant industry and retail market.

Fries that have
come a long way!

From Pointe-Saint-Charles to the Caribbean and from our Quebec farmlands to your client’s plates, our fries have come a long way!

Choose a variety of fries that are delicious and easy to prepare. Their innovative packaging ensures optimal preservation. We’re your go-to partner because our fries will be your clients’ favourite.

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Latest news

With a firmly established reputation, Saint-Arneault is a leading player in the french fry industry, especially in North America. Learn more about our company background and discover the most recent articles on Saint-Arneault fries by consulting our News section.

Saint-Arneault: A partner of choice offering premium products!